Saturday, July 18, 2009

REMAJA Makeover Photoshoot

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa-Theatre Makeup Part2 (After Show)

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa-Theatre Makeup Part1 (BackStage at Makeup Room)

Puteri Embun-Descendant from the Giants as evident in her eyelashes

Princess Ling Ling - Chinese Princess who believes love will conquer all :)

General Merong - Roman general who ruled Kedah?

Garuda - His evil laugh shook the theatre

Kakaktua = old sister

The Roman Emperor - Justinian's father

Jentayu - the understudy

Lau Lau - My favourite character (she is like Mu shu in Mulan)

4 days of exhilarating work-2 shows daily! The show, staged at Istana Budaya, started on May 14th and ended on the Sunday 17th with rave reviews. There's news of making this family-friendly adventure play into a musical! After the wonderful job done by the casts, I won't be missing it!

A Legend Retold

Love and loyalty, duty and honour, laughter and swordplay; all intermingle in this light-hearted English adaptation of a popular Malay classic. Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa (The Saga of Merong Mahawangsa) is a play that draws its roots from classic Malay literature, specifically the story of the famed general Merong Mahawangsa.

General Merong must call upon all his reserves of courage as he faces down Garuda, great eagle and lord of the skies. Garuda, threatened by the upcoming union of the Prince of Byzantine Rome and the Princess of China, kidnaps the princess and sinks the prince’s fleet. Merong goes to the young lovers’ aid, encountering on the way the magical bird, Jentayu, as well as meeting a motley group of newfound allies.

Will Garuda succeed in his plot to prevent the wedding?Will Jentayu defy his uncle, Garuda, to follow his conscience and rescue his friends?Will Merong fulfil his duty to the Empire and protect his liege's son from harm?

Find out by coming to see this hour-long epic, which takes place over the skies, seas and sands of Langkawi. Bound to be fun for kids of all ages with liberal doses of humour and a dash of swashbuckling action.

About Hikayat Merong MahawangsaAlso known as the Kedah Annals, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa is an ancient classic that tells the history and bloodline of Merong Mahawangsa, allegedly the ancestor of the modern day Kedah state sultanate. The text chronicles the opening of Kedah among other tales of the early days of the state. Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa was recently declared a National Heritage item under the Akta Warisan Kebangsaan (National Heritage Act) 2005.

Check out more updates in their blog.

Fara - Glomour Rock Makeup

My good fren Fara is now a stewardess for Air Asia. I'm so proud of her and I know she will go further in her career and life (pun definitely intended and most appropriate hehehe) as she is one of the most hardworking and dedicated person I've known. Always like to made her up coz she got lovely eyes and look like a superstar :) This was done right before we went to see the final concert of Mentor in Shah Alam. I got that story in my other blog here.

Since she got this job I hardly see her so that was a joy to spend time with her making her up and enjoying the concert! So next time you're on board Air Asia, look out for her and say Hi! to her for me ya!

Nicholas Saputra for Perempuan at La Bodega Bangsar Photo Shoot

Makeup and hair for sizzling male artist. He is an Indonesian actor and VJ. Very soft spoken and quiet person. Got stubborn hair like me hahaha..just a little bit of moisture and the curls come out! Nora Danish was the other artist and she is really sweet and friendly. Her makeup and hair was done by Khir Khalid, her trusted hand. I saw he was using some Make Up Store tools as well :)

The last pic is my makeup kit but I only brought some of my brushes which are stored in the waist brush kit- very handy for shoots and touch ups. This shoot was for Perempuan magazine and will come out in the December 09 or Jan 10 issue. More pics to come soon. Thanks Afnan for giving me the trust for the second time!

Beauty Tip of the Day

Male makeup has to be done very carefully as we do not want them to look made up. The most important thing is to prepare the skin the best you can - clean, tone and moisturise. Most men have oily skin and open pores so it's crucial to have a good cleanser and toner that can cut the grease but keep the skin soft and not dry.

Last step is to moisturise, and most men do not like the oily feel on their skin. Solution? Skin Serum (by Make Up Store of course) that glides on easily and dries up nearly instantly..I usually put the serum after a layer of All Time or Day Time moisturiser..Because serums are finer than moisturisers, it will seal all the good moisture in! feel so soft and supple :) Do becareful though coz some serums tend to be on the oilier side..

Then proceed to conceal imperfection..under eye, around the nose, corners of the lips, blemishes, spots...sometimes using a good quality foundation is good enough..Cover All Mix is perfect as this concealer is really high pigmented and easily blended unlike other thick concealers. Just a little bit can do wonders! Lightly dust all the areas to set the foundation/concealer.

Put on lip balm as shooting can make the lips go dry and cracking. Lip balm is preferred to lip gloss. Use a brush or cotton bud. If ur model is the macho type, you can also use vaseline :)

Then groom the eye brow using Eye Brow Fix..its clear thick liquid with a special brush and look like a mascara..this is a very important step yet usually always forgotten even by seasoned makeup artist...comb the brow hair upwards to give the fresh and awake look..unless you want your male model to have the wild bushy cavemen look :)