Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Makeup Makeover - Personal Makeup Class

Latest personal makeup class with Fatihah, her mom and Sabrina last month. Fatihah and Sabrina were both my clients for their engagement and wedding. I encouraged them to use their own cosmetics as they have fantastic products and colours which they got for their hantaran and it's such a waste not to use them.

All the after pictures here reflect their own work. After the knowledge, the most important thing is practice..so I hope those of you who came for my classes will continue to practice by putting on makeup when you go out and always open to learn new things to improve yourself :)

To all my students : Thank you and keep in touch! I always love spending time with makeup and positive people, teaching and learning new things from each other!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrity Makeup : Patrizio Buanne Showcase in KL Hilton Sentral

When Elaine from Faces called me to see if I could do makeup for Patrizio Buanne, I asked Patrick who? He is not that famous yet in Malaysia I guess but he does have a loyal (and royal) stream of fans here..after meeting and working with him, and listening to him at the showcase, I have much respect for this hardworking entertainer. I wish him all the best in conquering Asia and seriously think Warner Music should do more promotions and PR for him here..

Here's something for you to enjoy :) If you're a fan or not, just share what you think about this guy..some of my friends are totally crazy about him (coz of his looks or voice?, i think both..he he) while another camp just think he's just so-so..as for me, the fact that he is a hardworking man who takes his music very seriously and make it look so effortless i'd give him two thumbs up :)