Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 Basic Steps To Prepare Your Skin Before Makeup

Before putting on makeup, it is very important to first have a properly prepped and cleaned face. More so if you have problem skin like oily skin, dry skin, combination skin or acne. Knowing and practicing the correct way to clean your face could also help improve your skin condition. So here's how you do it..

Step 1. Cleanse
Function - to clean away dirt and unwanted oil on the skin surface.
-Start by splashing your face with water. Not too warm or too cold. Hot water will make your skin drier and too cold will closed up your pores.
-Use a facial cleanser to wash your face. Make the cleanser foam in your hands before applying the foam to your face. It is the foam that will clean the dirt from your pores- not the gel or cream or whatever form the cleanser came as.
-Rub the foam in circular motion starting from forehead. Do not forget your jawline and under the chin too.
-Lastly, rinse carefully. Make sure the foams are all washed away especially around your hairline and jaw areas.

Note: I've tried many brands of cleanser from a few to hundreds ringgits worth. The one that works the best and I'm still using til now was recommended by a dermatologist in Indonesia. It's called AcneAid and you can get it from any pharmacy. It's suitable for all skin and even better for oily skin. The best thing is its only RM13!!

Step 2. Tone
Function-to rebalance the skin PH so that it can absorb moisturiser better and evenly. Also closes up the pores and even help to clean excess cleanser and hard water residue.
-Choose a toner that is suitable for your skin.
-There's two ways of using toner. The easiest way is to spray it on and just tap the mist on your skin. The other way is to soak a cotton ball and wipe it around your face. I prefer to use the spray as its faster and I don't waste the toner and could probably save a tree or two..

Note: Any good reputable brand of toner should be ok. Now, there're so many types of toner that do additional function such as firming, refining etc. Most importantly is to check the ingredient list and see what's in it. The first name that comes out in the list is the heaviest percentage of the ingredients so make sure you make your money worth! Always use products of high quality with natural oils, extracts and vitamins and less chemicals. If the ingredient list has many names you can't even pronounce, better leave it on the shelf.

Step 3. Moisturise
Function-to keep your skin moist and hydrated. This is especially a crucial step for oily and dry skin. Even when you have bad cases of acne, you should never skip this. I'll explain why. When you do not moisturise, your sebaceous glands will have to work overtime to produce natural oils. When these oils are produced in excess, they will clog the pores and this is the reason we get even oilier skin before 12 in the afternoon and one of the great causes of acne.
-Dab the moisturiser on several spots on your face and slowly tap and massage them in an upward motion.

Note: Get a good moisturiser that's suitable for your skin condition. Those with natural oils, extracts and vitamins (C or E) would be better. For dry skin, use those with more natural oils. For oily and combination skin, use those specifically for oily skin. They should not feel oily at all when you touch your face after doing Step 3 but should instead feel soft and supple. A good moisturiser that I've been using for a while now is Make Up Store's All Time. I have very oily skin since young and even til now, and I used to skip this step because I was really afraid my skin will get oilier. But now I know better, and thankfully my oily skin has been under controlled for the past year.

So next time before putting on your makeup, please remember these 3 easy steps and your makeup will be even more beautiful and also last longer!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RM50 Makeovers

Use this makeover to discover your beautiful self! I will also give you tips and advice according to your face structure to enhance your beauty. This makeover includes eyelashes and simple hairstyling.

You will have to come to my studio where I will take your before and after photos that I'll feature in this blog. I will email you a copy of the pictures.

Transportation fee will be charged accordingly if you would like me to do the makeup at your location. Email me at vivingca@gmail.com

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rates and Services

1. Personal Beauty Makeup

Day/ Evening Makeup RM300
-Great for job interviews, special day events or public appearance. Look your best and boost your self-confidence!
-Must haves for Wedding Dinner, Gala or Annual Dinner, Prom Nite, Hen Party. Look glamourous and enjoy the night like a diva!
**All makeup include false lashes.

Hairstyling fees
-Half do (curl, straight, french twist, bun) RM100
-Updo (with buns, braids, curl) RM120

2. Bridal Packages
This packages are for makeup and hair services needed for weddings, engagements, ROM, Nikah at Home or Mosque, Tea Ceremony as well as Lunch/Dinner Receptions. Includes consultations for the looks and style-from simple natural to avant garde bride.. The final result will be long wearing/waterproof for all day festivities. You will look perfect in natural light as well as in photograher's flash..

Bridal Day/Evening Package RM880
-Makeup and hairstyling consultation
-One makeup session and one hairstyling session
-Complimentary false lashes, skin serum and basic hair accessories
-Complimentary touch-up for Groom
-Elegant Natural-looking Makeup and Hairdo exclusively created for HD photography and video-long wearing, water and sweatproof

Important note for Indian and Punjabi brides: It's highly advisable to hire a professional dupatta/veil and saree lady to help drape and tie your attire well. My package is only for makeup and hairstyling and do not include this service.

One Day Bridal Package RM1,600
-Makeup and hairstyling consultation
-Two makeup sessions and two hairstyling sessions in one day
-Complimentary false lashes, skin serum and basic hair accessories
-Complimentary touch up for Groom
-Elegant Natural-looking Makeup and Hairdo exclusively created for HD photography and video-long wearing, water and sweatproof

*Add RM200 for additional makeup and hair touch-up for one dress change/second march-in in the same function.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot RM1,200
-One makeup session and one hairstyling session
-Complimentary false lashes, skin serum and basic hair accessories
-Complimentary touch up for Groom
-Only for one day (max 8hrs). No split shooting days.

*Trial makeup available upon request. Price starting from RM200 depending on confirmed bookings.

Family and bridesmaid package
-Makeup only is at RM300 per person * false lashes included
-If there is more than 3 persons requiring makeup service, please inform in advance as I will get an assistant to do the bridal party's makeup.

3. Fashion Show, Beauty Pageant, Print and TVC
-Starts from RM600 onwards. Please email to get detailed pricing.

4. Creative Makeup for Special Events - Halloween, Fancy Dress Contests and Themed Parties
-Starts from RM300 onwards. Please email to get detailed pricing.

Terms and conditions
1. Services are not secured until a deposit of 50% has been made.
2. Deposit is not refundable for any cancellation from clients. Arrangement can be made to change the date but will subject to my availability.
3. Published rates are valid in the Klang Valley area only.
4. Additional transport fee, outstation fee and accommodation cost will be charge accordingly. Transport fee is chargeable based from my location in KL city.

Model Makeover For A Beauty Book

Look out for the first Bahasa Malaysia book on beauty and etiquette by the middle of 2009!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tip of The Day-Double Cleansing

Always double cleanse your face after a day of make up.

Here's how you do it.

1. Wash hands and start cleaning your eye makeup first with an eye makeup remover. Put the eye makeup remover on a square cotton and just dab on your eyes and gently swipe it. Don't rush or rub too hard if you don't want to see premature wrinkles there!
2. Next, use a cream cleanser and gently massage on your face starting from your forehead to your cheeks, then nose and chin in a small circular motion. Don't miss the area on the bridge of your nose too.
3. Using cotton, swipe away the cleanser or just wash off with water.
4. Last step is same as no. 2 but use your usual face cleanser-gel, foaming or those with the tiny beads or almond scrub is best.
5. Rinse and your done!

-If you have only light eye makeup, you can skip the eye makeup remover but becareful to not let the cream cleanser gets in your eyes!

Failing to clean your face properly after makeup will leave traces of pigments and leftover makeup ingredient (dirts) on your skin which then will clog pores and more importantly doesn't let your skin to breathe and release your bodily toxins. This is what caused some people to break out and have uneven skin tone. All those toxins are trapped and can't get out! This is also the reason you should wash your face first thing in the morning-there's lots of toxins cleared by your skin once you wake up and you should wash them off as early as you can.