Monday, January 12, 2009

Tip of The Day-Double Cleansing

Always double cleanse your face after a day of make up.

Here's how you do it.

1. Wash hands and start cleaning your eye makeup first with an eye makeup remover. Put the eye makeup remover on a square cotton and just dab on your eyes and gently swipe it. Don't rush or rub too hard if you don't want to see premature wrinkles there!
2. Next, use a cream cleanser and gently massage on your face starting from your forehead to your cheeks, then nose and chin in a small circular motion. Don't miss the area on the bridge of your nose too.
3. Using cotton, swipe away the cleanser or just wash off with water.
4. Last step is same as no. 2 but use your usual face cleanser-gel, foaming or those with the tiny beads or almond scrub is best.
5. Rinse and your done!

-If you have only light eye makeup, you can skip the eye makeup remover but becareful to not let the cream cleanser gets in your eyes!

Failing to clean your face properly after makeup will leave traces of pigments and leftover makeup ingredient (dirts) on your skin which then will clog pores and more importantly doesn't let your skin to breathe and release your bodily toxins. This is what caused some people to break out and have uneven skin tone. All those toxins are trapped and can't get out! This is also the reason you should wash your face first thing in the morning-there's lots of toxins cleared by your skin once you wake up and you should wash them off as early as you can.

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