Friday, November 20, 2009

Make Up Store Bangkok PP

That's me! during one of our MUS events this year. This one happens to be in BKK (way back in June) where we brought 4 really nice and sweet beauty writers to the preview of the FallWinter 09 collections.

It's out! TELL photoshoot

Well its been out a while actually (back in March)..the shoot was a month or so before..I got that story here.. That has to be in my top 5 best makeup job ever ever.. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mary Chia Slimming Centre Makeover Event

Wow..4 posts back to back today! am I on a roll here or wat..well need to catch up with all the shoots I've's been a while since I last posted...there's loads more coming out but this will be the last one for the day :)

We did a makeover session at Mary Chia's new branch opening in Tropicana City Mall back in early June 09. It's a really simple makeover..just to show their customers how just a few basic makeup items can really make a difference!

We only use our dual foundation (it's a two way cake powder), lipstick and mascara. Just three items! How basic can you get for makeup? For really bad under eye shadow, we also use concealer.

The dual foundation is pretty high pigmented so it has very good coverage and best it doesn't clog pores instead it will even protect and improve skin conditions! And it can be used wet or dry. I like to use it as a setting powder after liquid or cream foundation. It makes the base lasts longer and skin becomes less oily.

Aaron Aziz for Perempuan Photo Shoot

This was done in late June 09 for the Pisau Cukur movie promo. I think the pages are already out..need to get hold of the mag soon! I haven't got time to catch the movie yet but I'm looking forward to watch it someday. I saw the trailer and its funny! (and Nabil is in it too!)
The shoot went well. Both artists were warm and friendly. Maya is sweet and so pretty! She prefers natural makeup :) Aaron can't stop talking bout his smart kids...He has such amazing skin! Im so jealous!
It was lovely to spend the day with 2 beautiful and talented actors and I hope the movie will do well!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yvonne and Cheong Wei ROM

What a lovely couple! Yvonne is very patient and gave me total freedom to do her makeup and hair looks..i was really relaxed giving her a sweet girly look as she has this cute little pink dress chosen by hubby :)

Her hubby is really fun too..I got some extra time left and offered to do some corrective makeup on him and he shyly accepted..I really enjoyed doing up male makeup these days! It's a real challenge to put on makeup that does not look its there and even more so for mens..but Cheong Wei is a real trooper and I secretly thinks he wore makeup before..hehehe...he never fusses and we got great results that day! All the best in your new adventure together!

Masquerade Ball for Company Annual Dinner

Seem the masquerade theme parties and dinners are very popular this year. We had several requests for this makeup at the stores and I also did a magazine shoot for a masked ball concept. Those pictures will come out soon as have to wait for it to be published in Dec so watch out for next month's Just Dance mag!

This is the latest makeup I did this month. It's for my good friend Rowena who's having her annual company dinner. She got the costume and accessories from a dear friend of mine for a steal! She's a fabulous costume designer! Wena wanted those big and high Victorian hairstyle and we settled for this look after I saw how well the necklace complements the hairdo..doesn't she look like an imperial lady of the court?..and best of all she won best dressed that nite! woo hoo :)