Sunday, November 15, 2009

Aaron Aziz for Perempuan Photo Shoot

This was done in late June 09 for the Pisau Cukur movie promo. I think the pages are already out..need to get hold of the mag soon! I haven't got time to catch the movie yet but I'm looking forward to watch it someday. I saw the trailer and its funny! (and Nabil is in it too!)
The shoot went well. Both artists were warm and friendly. Maya is sweet and so pretty! She prefers natural makeup :) Aaron can't stop talking bout his smart kids...He has such amazing skin! Im so jealous!
It was lovely to spend the day with 2 beautiful and talented actors and I hope the movie will do well!

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makeupmistress said...

They both look lovely! Which foundation did you use on Aaron? and on Maya? Love her lips and perfect tell!