Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mary Chia Slimming Centre Makeover Event

Wow..4 posts back to back today! am I on a roll here or wat..well need to catch up with all the shoots I've's been a while since I last posted...there's loads more coming out but this will be the last one for the day :)

We did a makeover session at Mary Chia's new branch opening in Tropicana City Mall back in early June 09. It's a really simple makeover..just to show their customers how just a few basic makeup items can really make a difference!

We only use our dual foundation (it's a two way cake powder), lipstick and mascara. Just three items! How basic can you get for makeup? For really bad under eye shadow, we also use concealer.

The dual foundation is pretty high pigmented so it has very good coverage and best it doesn't clog pores instead it will even protect and improve skin conditions! And it can be used wet or dry. I like to use it as a setting powder after liquid or cream foundation. It makes the base lasts longer and skin becomes less oily.

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