Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chef Wan for Tell Magazine Photo Shoot

A fridge full of books...a wall full of ceramic pots-floor to ceiling...sounds crazy but not if you're a celebrity chef... see the other side of Chef Wan like never been captured before including a view of him having fun on his bed...check out Tell magazine in the newstand very soon!

I hardly get any pictures of myself working so I'm very grateful to Edward for picking up the camera and shooting me for a change..that's also why I'm putting a few of my pics here not that I want to take the spotlight away from the famous chef :)

I was quite sick that day..had a bout of food poisoning and felt like hundreds of small knives piercing my stomach not to mention feeling like throwing up which I tried my best to keep down- can see my face so pale in the pics right?.. but it was all worth it as it came to be my most funnest shoot ever..Chef Wan really lives up to his reputation on screen.. non- stop chatters and laughters just made me forget all my bodily pain..and boy, I'm blown away with the way he comments on serious issues in his light and humourous ways...I really do respect you Sir!

Thanks to Naadira and the Tell crews!