Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Looking for a makeup artist? Here’s what to look for…

1. Asks lots of questions and if the MUA (Make Up Artist) asks as many questions too, that means she cares much about her work and reputation. So what to ask?

-What kind of makeup experiences she has? – be it for print, video or stage. These need different kind of makeup understanding and application to serve different purposes.

-What is their speciality and style? – just like any other types of artists or painters, each MUAs have their own special style of makeup looks. Professional MUAs are capable of doing many styles as required by clients but you will see through their portfolio of certain recurring style or look that will identify them for their work.

-What kind of look would she recommends for you? – see if what she envisions will work for you…if the chemistry is right you will know it and thank your lucky star you’ve found someone you know you will be comfortable to trust her to make you look your best.

2. See their portfolio…regardless of how long they’ve been in business, it is best to see the kind of work they’ve done. Someone who has just started for one year but has done 50 makeup jobs would be considered more experienced than say a MUA with 4 years in the business but only 60 makeup jobs.

3. Hygiene can’t be stressed enough. Does the MUA have a neat and clean appearance? Does he sanitise his hands before each makeup sessions? Cleans his brushes and tools after each client? Ask if you could take a look at his makeup case and products.

4. Request for a trial. Many makeup artists give trials for minimal fee or as part of the makeup package. This is also to test if the MUA has been listening to what you wanted. A MUA no matter how great their skill, is not good when they fail to give what the client want.

A great makeup artist will sit down with you to discuss your wants and needs, likes and dislikes of makeup. The relationship between the artist and the client is a very intimate one. This is one of the last people to be with you right before you walk down the aisle. They have been with you for hours and you may have confided in them as well. It is so important to find the one that will make you feel at ease.

In addition, you should also do some research on your own that can help the MUA understand your wants better. Cut out pictures of makeup look and hairstyles that you like or don’t like. This will save a lot of time explaining to the MUA...like the saying goes ‘a picture says a thousand words’!

Hope these tips helps. Oh, do not forget about your budget too…check around a few MUAs to gauge the market rate…the most expensive ones do not necessarily means they’re the best – vice versa…how do you value beauty? It’s very subjective, so go for something that is within your budget but with the most value – best service, best makeup products, best attitude and most importantly best looking face – you could get for it.