Thursday, February 5, 2009

Revathy and Peter Minjoot Wedding

What makeup do you do when the girl hardly wears makeup for everyday and the hubby prefers the bride with no makeup if possible?

Well, definitely it has to be natural looking makeup that stays put under no airconditioning (the church service) and lots of moving about (the wedding dance, quick dash to the bridal suite to change into the second dress and the traditional yamseng at each guest tables)... by the way, natural makeup does not only mean you can't see the foundation or powder but also means that it should brings out your natural beauty while looking fresh and radiant.

Beauty Tip of the Day

For a glowing look, mix mineral powder with your favourite moisturizer and use as foundation. Another way is to brush shimmering powder lightly on forehead, bridge of your nose, chin and the apple of your cheeks. Finish off by powdering your shoulders and the length of your arms if you're wearing an off shoulder dress.

More pictures of the wedding here