Friday, February 6, 2009

Fatihah's Trial Makeup For Engagement

Beauty Tip of the Day

To achieve a flawless look, concealer plays an important role. Make sure to conceal under the eye, the corner of the eye, around the nose and also the corners of your lips if these areas are darker than other parts of the face. Want you want to achieve is a one-tone skin colour all over your face. Then you can play with shading and highlights to bring out your best features or hide imperfections.

I like to use Make Up Store Cover All Mix as it comes in 3 colours in one casing which you can mix and match to get the right colour as well as able to use as a highlight and shading base. The texture is also very smooth and its long wearing due to the high pigment.

Some of the makeup I used for Fatihah are Guerlain's Fleur De Feu Limited Edition 4 colour eyeshadow and Le 2 Black Mascara, L'oreal Pastel Repair Lipcream and Make Up Store's All Time Moisturiser, Cover All Mix Light and Glam Rose Blush.