Monday, December 7, 2009

Kayley's Wedding

Kayley is the most understanding and hardworking colleague I've ever had! Her wedding is truly blessed as her family and the groom family wholeheartedly followed all the traditional Chinese customs right from the choosing of the auspicious date onwards. As her big day's coming closer, I also get to learn many new customs from her, for instance the sewing of new pajamas for the couples and threading of the bride's face before the wedding. In her case, she just thread her forehead and eyebrows :)

It's really awesome to have a wedding where you can see the whole family putting all their effort to follow their ancestors way to unite 2 people in love..weddings are not just for the couple but also a significant event to join two families for a blessed future. I wish Kayley and Wai Loon and both their families a lifetime of blessed love and happiness.

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