Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sister Magazine-Brand Demo Photo Shoot

For the brand demo, everything I used was from Make Up Store including skincare and cosmetics. I find the colour cosmetics are very high pigmented, less fillers (talc and other chemicals) and so the pickup is excellent and long lasting. I'm using more and more Make Up Store products on my clients too because it gives a natural feel, no thick makeup look (thanks to the high pigments) but best of all it got vitamins and minerals that will make the skin healthier!

Three looks were required and I adapted the looks from Make Up Store's 2009 Spring Summer where the colours are inspired by nature-greens and fruity while emphasizing smokey upper lids and strong lower lines. Check the looks here

The first look featured soft earthy tones using light brown on the lid and woody green for the top and bottom eyeline but thicker on the bottom eyelash line to create a sexy daytime look. Lips are orangy pink, i think inspired from a pink grapefruit?

Second look was a lilac colour and violet liner. Lipstick pink with glossy effect.

Last was the strong smokey look using a mossy green shadow. Lipstick pinkish nude.

I love this updo! but we did not use it in the final shot.
Beauty Tip of the Day
Don't be afraid to experiment with coloured liners other than just black. It can create a sexy highlight or contrast for your eyes.
Try to look at nature for inspiration if you worry you will use the wrong colours esp if you want to achieve the natural look. Say if you want to use green, get something that is similar to a leaf colour. For example, if you want to create dramatic colour contrast, just look at a bougainvilla (bunga kertas) plant, it has bright and deep fuschia flower, brown stalks and mix of bright and dark green leaves..If you prefer a soft look, find a picture of a lavender field where you can see the soft purple with the light muted green. Any colour tone will work together if you use nature as a guideline :)