Wednesday, June 3, 2009

8TV Style Bridal Specials

Hi Peeps..

Sorry it's been a while..the harried life was so bz with numerous photoshootings, fashion shows, weddings and even managed to squeeze a small but highly aclaimed theatre production which lasted for 3 days..what joy to play with makeup everyday!

First on, I had this wedding special done sometime early April and it will be showing soon on tv so watch out for the show which aired on Saturday afternoon..

It was a whole day affair with 4 stops at different bridal shops around SS2..was great to discover the specialty of each different boutiques as well as oogling at those nice dresses!

If you think the model looks familiar, that's Jessy, the same sweet lady I made up for the Sister magazine shoot which by the way is already out..check out the earlier post :)


Anonymous said...

Hai vanz, i love your job....really looks great. i need a make over can you help me? please mail me at to hear from you soon. thank you. gina.

Vivingca said...

Hi Gina, thanks for dropping by. I'll emailed you :)

Vivingca said...

sorry..i meant to say i've emailed you! hehe