Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wantin's Wedding

Before: Makeup by Bridal Shop for Day
Before: Makeup by Bridal Shop for Day

After: Touch up makeup and hairstyle for Dinner Reception by Vanz

Wantin had a church and lunch reception during the day and requested me to change her look for the dinner reception. She did not have time to change to fresh makeup so I had to work on top of her day makeup done by the bridal shop's makeup artist.

So here's some tips on how to create a fresh face without removing your first makeup. In the makeup artist world this is called 'add on second makeup/look' or even simply as touch up.

First, refresh the face with face mist. This is also to remove the surface oil and whatever powder that is still on the skin. Put on concealers if necessary. Powder whole face and continue with your usual step for makeup. Eyeshadow, false lashes, mascara, blusher and lastly lipstick and gloss. Voila! No need to wash the face and do the foundation (base) again :)

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