Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrity Makeup : Patrizio Buanne Showcase in KL Hilton Sentral

When Elaine from Faces called me to see if I could do makeup for Patrizio Buanne, I asked Patrick who? He is not that famous yet in Malaysia I guess but he does have a loyal (and royal) stream of fans here..after meeting and working with him, and listening to him at the showcase, I have much respect for this hardworking entertainer. I wish him all the best in conquering Asia and seriously think Warner Music should do more promotions and PR for him here..

Here's something for you to enjoy :) If you're a fan or not, just share what you think about this guy..some of my friends are totally crazy about him (coz of his looks or voice?, i think both..he he) while another camp just think he's just for me, the fact that he is a hardworking man who takes his music very seriously and make it look so effortless i'd give him two thumbs up :)

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